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10  Amazing Facts About Slovenia!

10  Amazing Facts About Slovenia!

No matter how much you have heard about Slovenia, here are the ten amazing facts that are really good to know before you visit this tiny, fascinating country! However, there is still so much more to know. Don’t wait, put Slovenia on your travel list and find out for yourself!

1. Slovenia is considered one of the most diverse European country

Slovenia is a small but topographically diverse. It is the only country in Europe that combines four (4) diverse geographical regions namely: the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst (spanning Italy and Slovenia), and the Pannonian Plains (covering Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Austria, and Slovenia).

 2. Slovenia is home to one of the world’s most beautiful lakes

Exquisitely beautiful, Lake Bled is Slovene national symbol, known also as Slovene and Alpine pearl. It is nestled in northwestern Slovenia’s Julian Alps, where it adjoins the town of Bled. An imposing castle watches over the lake and offers a stunning views across all of Bled. The island in the middle of the lake has for centuries been a symbol of Bled, a destination which attracts visitors from all over the world.

3. Hives and honey are practically a religion in Slovenia

There are around 90,000 beekeepers in a population of just two million. Indeed, beekeeping is a prime part of the country’s identity. It even has a distinct strain of the insect – Carniolan bees, which are valued for their non-aggressive nature and team ethic.

One in 20 people in Slovenia keep bees
One in 20 people in Slovenia keep bees.

4. The oldest grape vine in the world can be found in Slovenia

Wine production has deep roots in Slovenia, stretching all the way back to Roman times. To date Slovenians have produced millions of litres of outstanding wine. Today, the wine growing tradition is still etched into the consciousness of the Slovenians.

The World’s Oldest Grape Vine in the second largest Slovenian city of Maribor is reported to be the world’s oldest –  it is about 440 years old! The old vine produces Zametovka grapes, one Slovenia’s oldest domesticated noble wine varieties.

5. Slovenia’s water belongs to all its citizens

In 2016 Slovenian parliament adopted amendment that declares country’s abundant clean supplies are ‘a public good managed by the state’ and ‘not a market commodity’.

Vintgar Gorge
In Slovenia water is added to constitution as fundamental right for all!

6. Land of forest & one of the greenest countries in the world

With more than half of its total area covered in forest, Slovenia really is one of the greenest countries in the world.

Furthermore, it’s one of the world’s most environmentally-friendly nations. According to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), based on an assessment of the policies of 180 nations, Slovenia performed admirably, with a rating of 88.98. Only four nations (Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark) can better it.

7. Over 11,500 caves are known in Slovenia

About 43% of Slovenian territory is of karst nature. One of Slovenia’s four World Heritage Sites is Škocjan Caves, one of the largest underground canyons in the world and home to four miles of underground passages, vast chambers, and waterfalls.

Postojna Cave, meanwhile, is the country’s most visited attraction. Its formations of stalagmites and stalactites are unrivalled anywhere and it is home to the endangered Proteus anguinus, a blind salamander known as “the human fish” because of its pinkish skin colour.

Furthermore, the oldest cave show – the Vilenica cave near Lokev – has had people visiting since 1633!

The Postojna cave also houses the world’s only underground post office.

8. Slovenians invented the wheel

 Sort of. The Ljubljana Marshes Wheel is the oldest ever found. Radiocarbon dating puts its age at 5,150 years.

9. Slovenia has the tallest chimney in Europe

The chimney of Trbovlje Power Station is at 360 metres high the highest one in Europe. See this video!

10. Slovenia is the land of brown bears

Slovenia is one of the rare countries in Europe with stabile and one of the most vital brown bear population with an expanding habitat and strongly increasing numerically. Slovenian Biotechnical Faculty has estimated that approximately 564 bears lived in Slovenia at the end of the 2015. Since 2007 Slovenia’s bear population has increased by around one third.

It is also possible to go bear watching in Slovenia. More information here.

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