5 Best Beer Places in Ljubljana by Let’s Go Slovenia

5 Best Beer Places in Ljubljana by Let’s Go Slovenia

So, you are in Ljubljana and you soon realize there are tons of cafes and bars and lovely restaurants,  especially in the Old Town area and by the Ljubljanica River …

If you are in Slovenia’s capital only for a day or two, you will most likely end up having a drink in one of the  places on the Ljubljanica River bank, or on the main street of Ljubljana Old Town.  If the weather is nice, you will be enjoying drinks outside, while admiring the beautiful Ljubljana architecture. Life couldn’t get any better!

Small and enjoyable as it is, Ljubljana brings a smile to most of the tourist’s faces with its laid back café scene. Besides, every beer drinker will be happy to hear that beer is served in the most of the cafés here.

 Ljubljana has a great pub scene!

But when it comes to Ljubljana pub scene, some deeper insight is needed. As you might have already expected, Slovenes love beer. Furthermore, beer plays an important role in the life of  Slovenes and beer drinking culture is growing as there is a new craft beer being produced as we write this …  So, if you want to spend some time discovering the beer scene in Ljubljana, be prepared to step a bit away from the heart of the city centre. Not too far, though.

We made a selection of five beer places that we as locals enjoy the most in our capital. Needless to say, it’s hard to choose only five places and we are sure, you will find many more to add to our list on your visit.


Let’s start with our favorite beer place at the moment – Lajbah, located just 5-10 minutes walk from the famous Three Bridges and alongside the Ljubljanica River, direction Trnovo neighbourhood. This pub opened in 2018 and it primarely attracts people who really  LOVE and enjoy beer (meaning those who are not only interested in getting drunk). This sizeable pub with a very inviting terace has an enormous selection of crafts beer!

From Slovene craft beers you have to try Pelicon and Reservoir Dogs. Some best European beers such as Beavertown (UK), Oedipus (Holland), Põhjala (Estonia), Brewski (Sweden) and Nogne (Norway) are served here. We recommend to go for beer tasting – Beer Flight Offer, consisting of four glasses of different beers to try.

On their food menu there are smoked ribs, chicken wings, fish and chips, clams with chorizo and sauce, vegetable tempura and also some Argentinian sandwiches.

Lajbah was also featured on Total Slovenia News website as the Pub of the Week in Ljubljana. Read here! 


Union is Ljubljana’s beer brewery and beer brand with some serious history dating back to 1864. Union Pub is a part of the brewery’s complex, but it opened only in 2014. This is a large pub with a decent terace, about 10 minutes walk from Ljubljana center, direction Šiška neigbourhood.

We put this place on our top five list because of its great story and tradition of the Ljubljana beer, great atmosphere and definitely great draft beers. Here you can try more than 10 different draft beers, accompanied by Union Selection – a special weekly brewer’s choice of beers, prepared exclusively for the Union Pub.

Some traditional Slovene food is served here, such as Carniolan Sausage, traditional »žganci«, tripe, dry meat and Prekmurje ham with house pâté, pickled vegetables, selected Slovene cheeses, but also burgers etc.

If you want to get to know the history of beer producing in Ljubljana, you can take their Union Experience Tour.


This elegant English-style pub in the centre of Ljubljana (direction Ljubljana main Railway and Bus station) is managed by one of the best connoisseurs of the Slovene beer scene. Therefore, another great pub for all real beer lovers visiting Ljubljana, who want to discover its local craft beer scene and prefer some authentic pub scene over the places packed with tourists and youngsters.

Great local and  foreign beer selection! Outdoor seating as well, and very polite service.

More intimate comparing to the other two, so probably more conveniant for meeting new people and travelers.  Overall, a real pub gem in the center of Ljubljana.


This pub/cafe is a very nice place to hang out and maybe meet some locals. It feels very home-like, with sincere hospitality, great location in the heart of Ljubljana Old Town, but still very laid back and cosy.

Great draft beer is served here and also some good domestic food. Overall, a nice place to have cold beer, sample Slovenian cheese and sausage, and take in the afternoon.

A new »made in Ljubljana« beer called Loo-Blah-Nah, which we really love, is a must try here!

We keep coming back to Antico, it’s a great place for solo travelers, as well.


Last, but not least – Patrick’s Irish Pub, quite centrally located (but not on the river bank), is a good choice of a place for a fun beer drinking night in Ljubljana. Time really stops here, of course with the help of some great beers! Although Irish, it has lots of local and international craft beers on its extensive menu.

Guinness and Kilkenny alone are two great reasons to visit Patrick’s Irish Pub in Ljubljana.

It’s good to be aware that this pub is positioned in a cellar, and it has no daylight, as it’s more of an evening/night place (it opens at 5pm).

Even so, this pub is definitely a place for the craic, if you are alone or in a group. Really good pub food served here, too!

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