5 BEST spots for your perfect Ljubljana photo!

5 BEST spots for your perfect Ljubljana photo!

Visiting Slovenia will without any doubt leave you with some great memories. And if you do it right – some great photos! ?

Therefore, as local travel bloggers, we thought of sharing with you some of the spots in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana we find the best for posing for a photo or a selfie.

Ljubljana view of the Castle - Let's go Slovenia
Make some GREAT MEMORIES in Ljubljana, Slovenia! ??

Ljubljana is small, but it’s buzzing

You can’t miss taking a beautiful photo from anywhere in the Ljubljana Old Town and along the Ljubljanica river. But when this central and very touristy part of Ljubljana gets too busy (especially in the summer), finding your spot under the Ljubljana sky can be a bit of a challenge.

But you can do THIS:

1. Find a little platform near the Ljubljanica river

Ljubljana view of the Castle - Let's Go Slovenia

… and you’ll get the unique views of the Ljubljana Castle and many of those pretty houses of Ljubljana Old Town!

2. Go under the bridge – Makalonca cafe

… and get a perfect shot of the Three Bridges and the famous Ljubljana Franciscan Church of the Annunciation in the background, while sipping an espresso!

3. The Dragon Bridge and the famous Ljubljana dragon

… the dragon is the symbol of Ljubljana and NO photo from Ljubljana would be complete without it!

Dragon - Symbol of Ljubljana

4. Ljubljana has a Skyscraper!

… and the views of the city from the terrace of the Ljubljana Skyscraper (locally known as Nebotičnik) are breath-taking!

View from Ljubljana Skyscraper, locally known as Nebotičnik.

5. Ljubljana Castle is ALWAYS a good idea!

Last but not least – Ljubljana Castle! You can walk up to the castle or take a cable car.

… from wherever you choose to access Ljubljana Castle, great shots of the city below are guaranteed!

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