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5 Most Mind Blowing Facts About Slovenia

5 Most Mind Blowing Facts About Slovenia

When it comes to introducing Slovenia to someone who has not yet visited, or even heard of  this small European country, it gets a bit tricky. Why? Because there are too many great things and specifics to emphasize! But still, let’s have a try – because most people love the quick lists!

Here are five mind blowing facts about Slovenia to begin with!

  1. More than half of total surface is forest

Slovenia is a very small country. It makes up less than 0.004 % of the Earth.
But the great thing about it that it is home to more than 1% of all living creatures and 2% of terrestrial creatures. Further more, with its 62% of forest surfaces Slovenia belongs to the top most forested European countries.

It is a real GREEN PARADISE of Europe.

The brown bears of Slovenia are really lucky to have so much forest to hide in them. Check out a really great story about photographing brown bears in Slovenia by acclaimed photographer Ian Middleton with!

  1. Lipica – the cradle of the famous Lipizzaner horses

Did you know that the noble white Lipizzaner horses are from Slovenia? Their original stud farm has been in Lipica in the Karst since 1580.

Lipica Stud Farm (Kobilarna Lipica) is one of the most beautiful cultural and historical monuments in Slovenia, Slovenians are very proud of Lipica and its stud farm. There, you can marvel at the horses elegance while watching shows and classical riding training. .

Photo credits: Kobilarna Lipica

The famous Lipica stud farm is the oldest European stud farm that has been continuously breeding one of the oldest cultural horse breeds –  the Lipizzaner horses.  

  1. Home to the largest single arch stone railway bridge in the world

Solkan Bridge is a stone bridge across the Soča river, and it is the largest stone arch in the world. Total length of the bridge is 219 meters!

The bridge was built as part of railway line between Trieste and Vienna. And — you can still take a train across.

The scenery is amazing!

The famous Solkan Bridge across emerald Soča River.
  1. Slovenia has the largest number of religious buildings per capita in Europe

There are more than 3,000 churches, chapels and religious monuments in Slovenia. There are almost no villages or hills in Slovenia that do not have a church, and Slovenia is also full of convents, monasteries, and roadside shrines.

In the area of today’s Slovenia, early Christian churches were built in late antiquity, and their remains can be seen in Ljubljana, in Ajdov Gradec near Sevnica, or Tonovcov Castle near Kobarid.

Read more about the history of Slovenia.

Piran walking church (1 of 1)
St. George’s Church (Cerkev Sv. Jurija) in Piran was built in 12th century.

5. Slovenia – the only country with the word LOVE in its name!

Last, but not least!

How cool is to have the word LOVE in the name of your country? Nomen est omen, is the Latin saying.

Meaning: The name says it (all).

  1. But you will need to find it out ALL for yourself!

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