Everybody says – Škofja Loka is so pretty!

Only 23 km (14 miles) from the Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, you can spend a day back in time in Škofja Loka. This small town is among the most beautiful and oldest settlements in Slovenia. Its medieval town center is the best preserved in the whole country and it […]

Lake Bled or Lake Bohinj?

This is the question Let’s Go Slovenia gets asked quite often by people, who are making their travel itinerary prior to their first Slovenia visit. So, what is that they should know? Featured photo: Lake Bled, Slovenia (Photo: Samo Šmarčan) Too close for big dilemmas […]

Welcome to Slovenia’s region of Jeruzalem!

Yes, you did read it correctly. There is a place with a name Jeruzalem in Slovenia, too. But in Slovenia, Jeruzalem is a small settlement in the northeastern part of the country. It is best known for its endless vineyards and the breathtaking panoramic views […]


Composed of baroque and renaissance buildings with some stunning views of mountains and valleys the town of Radovljica is also home to Slovenia’s Museum of Apiculture. In a country where there are five beekeepers for every thousand people, the museum is well worth visiting to […]

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5 Great Dog-Friendly Hikes In Slovenia

5 Great Dog-Friendly Hikes In Slovenia

Are you planning to visit Slovenia, but you’re not sure if bringing your dog along would be a good idea? Don’t worry – with plenty of outdoor sightseeing options to tempt you in Slovenia, you can also find a lot of great hiking trails to do with your dog!

Whether you are looking for a hike close to the city or you want to unwind on a weekend trip, you need to check out these five amazing hikes.

1. Rožnik, Ljubljana

If you’re staying in Ljubljana, you’ll be happy to find out there’s a great hill almost right in the middle of the town. The Rožnik hill is really great for hiking and recreation. It’s easily accessible by several official footpaths and trails either from the Ljubljana Tivoli park or sports-social centre Mostec. The top of the hill is at 429 m, the more popular Cankarjev hrib is at 394 m.

Since the Rožnik hill is popular hiking destination for people living in Ljubljana and its suburbs, you will run into many other dogs on the way. Keeping your pooch on the leash is required. Once you reach the top and a restaurant there, fresh drinking water is provided. In the summer days there is also enough shade to rest, as well as plenty of space for free running and playing in good company.

Toško čelo, Ljubljana-Šentvid

Toško čelo is also one of the popular hikes almost within the city, or more precisely on the western outskirts of Ljubljana. It’s accesible from either Podutik side (take the number five bus) or from Šentvid (last stop of bus number one to Vižmarje). 

We chose to take the Šentvid trail, with a starting point just above the main Celovška road. The approximately 2 hours long trail is steep at first, but then the greater part is flat. Waterproof shoes are recommended, since there is numerous streams, which more or less make the path muddy. Besides great views from the top you and your dog will enjoy a breath of fresh air and a beautiful green surroundings.

Pay attention to circle markers showing you the hiking trail.

Lake Bled Hike

Ojstrica and Mala Osojnica

Drain some of that excessive energy in your pup while having a nice workout (with a long nap once you reach home!). The hike that we love the most is the Ojstrica, Mala Osojica and around the Lake Bled trail.

Not only it’s a family and dog-friendly hike but the view of the Lake Bled from Osojnica is breathtaking. Finish it off with lunch and a chilled beer at a dog-friendly restaurant near Lake Bled.

There are many hiking possibilities at Slovenia’s famous Lake Bled!

Soča Trail

With the starting point in Trenta and the end point in Bovec, the hike can be about 7h long but you can definitelly adapt it to yours and your pet’s stamina. The terrain is mostly easy but start early in the morning if you’re hiking the trail during summer as it can get pretty hot.

Drinkable water is flowing right by your side so you and your pet don’t need to worry about that.

Mostnica Gorge (Stara Fužina)

Enjoy a 4h hike through scenic forests and experience the murmur of the crystal clear river by your side. A really relaxing trail for you and your dog not far from the Bohinj Lake.

Your dog will enjoy green Slovenia as much as you’ll do!

The trail is very easy and with plenty of sightseeing and it is also referred to as a photographer’s paradise. Explore the village of Stara Fužina and cross the Devil’s Bridge to reach the gorge. The gorge is 2km long and has been carved by the Mostnica stream.

Slovenia is a very dog-friendly country where your dog will be treated almost like a royal. If needed, you can also book reliable home-based pet sitters. On the web-page wagney.com you can browse Sitter profiles, book conveniently online in English and receive photo updates of your pet while you’re exploring the rest of Slovenia.

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