5 Ljubljana neighbourhoods to visit!

5 Ljubljana neighbourhoods to visit!

True, Ljubljana Old Town is really pretty and there are many things to see and do there! But, let’s get out of the city centre for a day!

Check out which Ljubljana neighbourhoods to see!

1. Trnovo

Some might say that Trnovo is still Ljubljana centre. But its calm part. In many aspects this is true, since this lovely neighbourhood is just a short walk down the Ljubljanica River from the old town.

Trnovo is a green oasis where everything slows down.

You can enjoy your day while sipping coffee in one of the trendy local bars or sit and enjoy the day by the Ljubljanica river. No groups of tourists here.

The symbol of Trnovo is Trnovo Church where the greatest Slovene poet France Prešeren met his muse Julija for the first time. Also, Trnovo Bridge is among the rare with live trees. A secret masterpiece of Jože Plečnik, full of details and on a quiet spot. See it!

Trnovo is where the great Slovene architect Jože Plečnik lived after returning to Ljubljana from Prague. You can visit his house which is a really great museum and legacy to one of the Europe’s finest architectural masters!

Trnovo Bridge is among the rare with live trees. A secret masterpiece of Plečnik, full of details and on a quiet spot. 

Read the story from our visit of the museum: Visiting Plečnik’s House in Ljubljana!

2. Šiška

The Šiška is district is the most populous district of Ljubljana, and there are several cultural monuments worth visiting. Šiška is also located at the edge of the Ljubljana Tivoli Park, which you really shouldn’t miss!

The Celovška cesta, one of the main Ljubljana roads, is a great connection between Šiška and the centre of Ljubljana. St Bartholomew’s Church, is one of the oldest Ljubljana churches built in the 13th century. It was remodelled between 1933 and 1936 by Plečnik.

Plečnik also designed the amazing  St. Francis’s Church in Šiška.

Šiška is also known for its great Kino Šiška – Centre for Urban Culture, with great concerts, performances, exhibitions, drinks, fun in Ljubljana.

Kino Šiška – Centre for Urban Culture

3. Koseze 

Koseze is in fact part of Šiška municipality. But it is known as the green oasis at the edge of Ljubljana. Bus number 5 or 18 will take you there. Even better choice would be to go there with a bicycle, and go back to the city centre taking the cycling trail through Mostec.

The (artificial) pond is lovely and it is known for providing natural habitat for several rare and endangered plant and animal species. From Koseze Pond you can choose to take the walking trails into Mostec. From Mostec you can also hike to Rožnik Hill.

Koseze pond

However, if you choose to hike to Rožnik Hill make sure to supply yourself with  more information on hiking trails. We don’t want you to get lost in the woods.

Rožnik Hill, Ljubljana

4. Tacen

Tacen is at the outskirts of Ljubljana, at the foot of Mount Saint Mary (Šmarna gora), a popular hiking hill of Ljubljana residents.

The ascent to the Šmarna Gora hill, 664 metres above sea level, takes from half an hour to a little over an hour, depending on the route taken.

Bus number 8 from the centre of Ljubljana will get you to Tacen.

Check out Ljubljana public transport (LPP) for routes and schedules here!

A traditional kozolec – Slovene hayrack in Tacen, on the outskirts of Ljubljana.

We would suggest you to stop at the Košir Inn (Gostilna Košir),  with a traditional Slovene ambient and great kitchen!

Definitely worth visiting if you want to be in a more local environment and chill out by the Sava river.

Košir Inn in Tacen

5. Mirje

Back to more central Ljubljana.

Mirje is a neighbourhood right next  to Trnovo district. It is best  known for the Roman town wall and some more of the Roman ruins of the ancient Emona.

Ljubljana neighbourhood

In case you didn’t know, two thousand years ago, a Roman city called Emona stood on the site of the present-day Ljubljana.

Here’s more: Exploring the Roman city of Emona – in Ljubljana – (letsgoslovenia.si)

By Mari Podhrasky (@mari_podhrasky) / Twitter


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