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A day trip to Sevnica from Ljubljana

A day trip to Sevnica from Ljubljana

Sevnica is a tiny town in south-east Slovenia, close to the border with Croatia, where Melania Trump (back in the day Knavs) grew up. We decided to take a day trip from Ljubljana and find out what is there to do.

Getting there from Ljubljana

If you are in Ljubljana, taking a train to Sevnica might be a good option. It is going to take from  a bit over an hour to an hour and a half, with a possible connect ride in Zidani Most. One way ticket is going to cost you 6,50 euros. We haven’t discovered any  tourist shuttles which could take you to Sevnica from Ljubljana. But maybe in the near future this might be a possibility. The railway station in Sevnica is almost in the center of the town and you can get easily around on foot.

What to do and see

If you are looking for the best point of contact, we recommend to visit The Dozivljaj Tourist Agency Posavje at the address Trg svobode 10 – almost just across the street from the railway station. We are pretty sure that there you will get all the information you need on how to spend the day in Sevnica. In addition,  Mr. Zdravko Remar who works there will be more than happy to present all the tours/programs they are offering for getting to know “Melania’s Sevnica” better. You can contact him at 051 680 287 or e-mail: dozivljaj@kstm.si

Additionally, for the visitors who are particularly interested in Melania’s traces in their town, they are running three main tours/programs.

Check out the tour programs

  1. Sevnica, the treasury of adventures

Price: 8,40 Eur per person

Program includes: seeing the school which Melania attended. Furthermore, sightseeing the town’s attractions; tasting local culinary delights; visiting a souvenir shop, a town market and local producers.

  1. Melania has put Sevnica on the world map

Price: 15,70 Eur per person

Program includes: seeing the school which Melania attended. Furthermore, sightseeing the town’s attractions; local culinary delights; visiting a souvenir shop, a town market and local producers; a video projection at Sevnica castle and wine tasting in the castle winery

  1. Sevnica, a wise First Lady

Price: 32,30 Eur per person

Program includes: seeing the school which Melania attended. Furthermore, sightseeing the town’s attractions; a visit of souvenir shop, a snack on a town market and by local producers; visit of the Sevnica castle and a video projection, the Grajska kavarna cafe; In addition, lunch at a tourist farm or a castle’s Medival Banquet

While Sevnica is losing no time for marketing on its most glamorous daughter, who left the town back in the 90’s and never looked back, the town certainly has enough attributes for a visit even without the “Melaniamania”.


The Amazing Sevnica Castle

We can easily say, that Sevnica Castle would be a reason good enough for a visit of Melania’s hometown.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel like taking any of the Melania tours, you can make a day trip to Sevnica really enjoyable by visiting solely the Sevnica castle, which truly is a crown of the city.

Head towards the old part of Sevnica.  Follow the pictures of little footprints painted on the sidewalk to mark the way. It is a nice and a picturesque walk up to the castle.

You can also visit the building with local museum and the garden with some old trees. Moreover, the view over the old part is amazing. Behind the town the green river Sava is nicely visible and some countryside with the hills in the distance.

View from Sevnica castle.

In the castle you can walk around the inner yard, where an old well and fresco facades will feed every  hungry for the beauty eyes. In addition, you can have a coffee at the nicely decorated The Lord of the Castle’s Daughter Cafe (Graščakova hči). The atmosphere in the cafe is really great, and on a nice day you can sit outside and enjoy the landscape.

Melania sweet treats

“First Lady American pie with a taste of Sevnica” – is on a menu in the cafe!

There is the information center and gift shop at the ground floor of the castle. At the information center you can book the tour around the castle, including the well presented wine cellar.

Tasting of the local wines is a must! And … yesss,  you are on the right track: “First Lady” local wine is a new hit from Sevnica region.

Apparently, this label is very popular!

More info on the Sevnica Castle: http://www.grad-sevnica.com/general-information.html

For more information on Sevnica and the region, visit heir offical tourist site Visit Sevnica!

Last but not least -here is  Slovenia’s currently most famous dessert called Melania: with strawberries, cream and pearls (of course). It is served at the Pizzeria and restaurant Rondo.

Melania dessert
Melania dessert

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