A unique experience in Slovenia: Attending a school from the old days in Bela krajina!

A unique experience in Slovenia: Attending a school from the old days in Bela krajina!

Though you might not be even slightly excited about the idea of going back to school days, this experience can bring a NEW perspective to your Slovenia trip!

Back in time, but worth your time!

The Bright Head (Brihtna glava) elementary school in Radovica near Metlika is inviting to their school benches inside the 1950’s classroom, offering visitors a trip back in time – to the old Slovenia schooling.

The 45 minute lesson presents the cultural and natural heritage of Bela krajina in a very interesting and above all – a very memorable way. Which is exactly what we are all usually eager to experience on our trip!

There’s so much to know about Bela krajina and its heritage! (Photo: Bright Head Elementary School on FB)

Tailor made for English speaking groups

The Bright Head school classes are adapted to the age of the student group. At the end of the lesson the ‘students’ get their certificates.

The lessons are meant for everyone: from young people who would see how their ancestors learnt to adults, who would like to remember their childhood.

They are also inviting tourists to attend, as English speaking classes are available. The classroom takes up to 50 students.

Visit Bela krajina

An old school in Radovica is a tourist attraction worth visiting, for sure! We visited Bela krajina in 2020, and we have put in on our LIST of 5 TOP Places To Visit in Slovenia!

There is a place called VINICA by the Kolpa River, which shouldn’t be skipped on your journey to this wonderful part of Slovenia!

A charming town of Metlika in south-east Slovenia.

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