A UNIQUE ‘Scratch Off Map’ of the Slovenian Mountains available NOW!

A UNIQUE ‘Scratch Off Map’ of the Slovenian Mountains available NOW!

A scratchable map which helps track and record mountain climbing adventures in Slovenia was designed by two Slovenian mountain enthusiasts, Hana and Lucjan Strehar. ?

Recording your Slovenian mountain-climbing memories

Besides being able to scratch the top off the map once you conquer a certain mountain, the map is a great motivation or encouragement for those who are just discovering a wonderful world of the Slovenian hills and mountains.

Nevertheless, the map is convenient for the experienced mountaineers, as well.

Setting your climbing goals!

There are 97 selected Slovenian peaks on the map designed by the Slovenian mountain-climbing couple.

Phot: Hana and Lucjan Strehar personal archive

It includes the peaks that are the most popular on the Slovenian mountain scene – the information which the creators mostly obtained via social networks.

The map also shows the appropriate ratio of hills that are suitable for beginners and those that are suitable for experienced mountaineers.

ORDER the “scratch off map through this LINK: Scratch Off Zemljevid Izbranih slovenskih gora – V planine po spomine

It’s TIME to conquer some Slovenian mountains!

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