Admiring blooming daffodils on Mt Golica will be more NATURE FRIENDLY this year

Admiring blooming daffodils on Mt Golica will be more NATURE FRIENDLY this year

Slovenia’s Mt. Golica is often called the “mountain of daffodils”. It is during the month of May when the long slopes of the mountain are carpeted with blooming daffodils, making the scenery look pretty dreamy and spectacular.

Once-a-year BIG outdoor event

No surprise that everyone in Slovenia wants to see this pretty scenery. While many come here to get a glimpse of ‘heaven on Earth’ which will feed their soul for the months to come, the others are on a mission for the best Instagram shot.

Golica (1835 m) is a peak in the Western Karawanks, on the border between Slovenia and Austria above the Slovene town of Jesenice.

But what most visitors have in common is getting there by car. Well, not at the top of the mountain, of course, but they leave it in the villages below the mountain.

The white Golica daffodils.

Free buses on weekends

In order to reduce traffic and to make the blooming daffodils spectacle more environmentally friendly, this year there will be a free bus line to Planina under Mt. Golica and Pristava.

The bus company Arriva will be driving the blossoming daffodils admirers for free on three weekends in May – 8th and 9th, 15th and 16th and 22nd and 23rd May 2021) on the routes Jesenice-Planina pod Golica and Jesenice – Javorniški Rovt (Pristava).

The bus which will start to run at 7 .a.m. will stop at all public passenger transport stops on its route, and it is expected that the people of Jesenice will also use it. The last ride from the village to the valley will be at 6 p.m.

Timetable (Arriva Busses): Vozni-red-Jesenice-Planina-pod-Golico-Jesenice-Pristava-3-avtobusi-12-04-2021.pdf (

Feature head photo: Golica Tourist Association

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