Apitourism is unique to Slovenia!

Apitourism is unique to Slovenia!

Slovenia has around 9.000 beekeepers and therefore among every thousand citizens four people are beekeepers. This is unique in the world! No wonder Slovenia is the first – and only – country to certify apitourism providers.

What is apitourism?

Apitourism or bee tourism is a new discipline and very fresh approach to sustainability. It aims at raising awareness as to the importance of bees to mankind, enriching knowledge about the use and effects of bee products and apitherapy, and enhancing people’s well-being.

Further more, the so called api tours create a new dimension of travel. It combines country’s distinctive heritage and rich beekeeping tradition and is aimed at travellers who favour healthy and eco-friendly pursuits. 

Apitherapy is becoming one of the most niche travel trends

 Travellers who take an ‘api-tour’ in Slovenia can book onto a whole host of honey trails, candle-making workshops and beekeeping classes. The so-called api experience includes visits to beekeepers, as well as try-outs of bee products such as honey liqueurs and sparkling mead, honey chocolate pralines, gingerbread, refreshing energy drinks with herbs and honey, invigorating teas. It is also possible to admire the Slovenian architectural typical apiaries, which can not be found anywhere else in the world.

They are even pioneering ‘apitherapy’ – a form of homeopathy that uses aromas from the beehive to help cure asthma and all sorts of respiratory problems. Many health tourists are also travelling to Slovenia for their rich sources of bee pollen, Royal Jelly, propolis and other bee-products – all said to have healing properties.

Apiaries – the place of healing energy

The apiary is a million times the concentration of pollen in nature. Induction of the air from the beehive has healing effects.

Breathing aerosol in Slovenian bee house. Photo: Leon Vidic

Beekeepers and apitherapists thus came up with the idea of ​​making an apiary a place where people can stay without the danger of being beaten by the bee.

The aerosol can be inhaled freely, while the rear hinged door is open; a customized inhaler can be also use for this purpose.

Apart from inhaling the wonderful aromas of bee products, visitors in the typical Slovenian beehive can also enjoy bio massage, thermotherapy, honey bath. Staying in the apiary one hour a day should have a very positive impact on our psycho-physical well-being.

With apitherapy we treat many health problems – from respiratory diseases, allergies, asthma, bronchial to pulmonary diseases, strengthened resistance and functioned relaxing.

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For more information also visit the web page of the Slovenian Beekeepers Association!

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