Books from Slovenia: UK based Istros Books publishes Mitja Čander’s Blind Man (Slepec)

Books from Slovenia: UK based Istros Books publishes Mitja Čander’s Blind Man (Slepec)

Where the real blindness lies – in our eyes or in our egos?

London based independent publishers Istros Books known for championing literature from SE Europe & the Balkans has recently added another name to their notable list of authors.

An editor and literary critic, Mitja Čander (1974) has been one of the most influential figures in Slovenia’s literary and publishing world. Since 1992, he has published many articles and essays on Slovenian and world literature and received numerous awards for his work. He is also co-founder and director of Beletrina Academic Press.

Blind Man (Slepec)

Čander’s first novel Blind Man (2019) was recently described by The New European as “an insightful satire on contemporary Slovenia and by extension the world of politics and the media beyond“.

In Blind Man, the main character and narrator is a successful book editor and critic who since birth has had problems with his eyesight, although he has never had much to do with the visually impaired community and doesn’t really feel like he is one of them. But when he is offered a chance to enter the world of politics, he is “blinded” by the lure of power, and this easy-going, level-headed husband and soon-to-be father gradually turns into a self-absorbed careerist.

Blind Man (translated from Slovene by Rawley Grau) is a superb Gogolian novel about the current state of Slovenian – and European – society. (Istros Books)

Speeches laden with buzzwords and grandiose promises break down the flimsy façade, as the protagonist’s own insecurity suggests that things are not always what they seem.

In the end, social blindness is worse than any physical impairment, and worst of all is to be blinded by your own ego.

Istros Books – where quality has no borders

In its short history since 2011, Istros Books has managed to prove itself at the forefront of discovering and promoting exciting new works, ranging from essays on the state of the EU by Slavoj Žižek, to six winners of the EU Prize for Literature.

With the magnificent work of translators from all over the world, they manage to bring out 5-7 titles a year.

Order your copy of Mitja Čander’s Blind Man HERE!

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