Can you hear the buzz? House of Carniolan Bee near Ljubljana is almost opened!

Can you hear the buzz? House of Carniolan Bee near Ljubljana is almost opened!

29 January, 2021

In the second half of this year, when Slovenia will hold the presidency of the European Union, the House of the Carniolan Bee will open its doors in Ivančna Gorica, a small town just south-east of Ljubljana. In addition to an interactive museum, this House will also have a Tourist Information Centre, a café, exhibition space, and a hostel.

The Carniolan honeybee

The Carniolan honeybee (kranjska čebela) is a part of the Slovenian national identity, and Višnja Gora holds a special place in the history of Slovenian bee-keeping.

The house dedicated to ‘kranjska čebela‘ will also be important for the promotion of Slovenia, together with all the interactive content and arrangement of the city center of Višnja Gora.

It was baron Emil Rošic (Rotschutz), a mid-19th century bee merchant from Podsmreka Castle near Višnja Gora, who made the Carniolan honey bee famous around the world. Višnja Gora is, therefore, rightly considered to be the birthplace of the “Carnie”.

Slovenian honey has become one of country’s trademarks.

Exceptional experience for visitors!

There will be a tourist information centre with a presentation of Višnja Gora and the history of beekeeping. At the site there will be a laboratory and an interactive museum. Visitors will be also able to taste all sorts of honey-products at the honey-café.

They also want to arrange 50 overnight capacities.

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