Everybody says – Škofja Loka is so pretty!

Only 23 km (14 miles) from the Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, you can spend a day back in time in Škofja Loka. This small town is among the most beautiful and oldest settlements in Slovenia. Its medieval town center is the best preserved in the whole country and it […]

Goče, the oldest Slovenian wine village

Slovenia is rich with vineyards, and its wine-growing areas are famous for their wine. One Saturday in the early September, we traveled from Ljubljana to Vipava, a small town southeast of the country – located in the fertile, wine rich Vipava Valley (Vipavska Dolina).  An hour […]

Welcome to Jeruzalem in Slovenia!

Yes, you did read it correctly. There is a place with a name Jeruzalem in Slovenia. We are talking about a small settlement in the north-eastern part of the country. It is best known for its endless vineyards and the breath taking panoramic views over […]

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Enjoy the day at Lake Zbilje just outside Ljubljana!

Enjoy the day at Lake Zbilje just outside Ljubljana!

Ljubljana locals as we are love coming to Lake Zbilje. It’s just a short distance from the busy streets of Ljubljana. Once there, it’s mostly about watching the swans and sipping coffee, while overlooking  the lake from one of the cafe’s decks. If you stay longer, some great pizza is a must!

Coming down on foot from Medvode.


Most people come to Lake Zbilje to relax …

… and to enjoy the beautiful views.

But if you feel sporty, you can even rent canoes and rowboats and paddle around the lake. There is also a nice children’s playground, a beach-volley and basketball court and a picnic area. 

Ljubljana is  connected by easy bus links with Medvode, from where it’s 10-15 minute walk to the pretty little village of Zbilje and Lake Zbilje.

Because of large number of swans that live on the lake, many call it a Swan Lake!
Swans – these beautiful inhabitants of the Lake Zbilje (and the ducks) love to float along the coast and show off their beauty and also their diving skills.

Photos: Samo Šmarčan

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