Everybody says – Škofja Loka is so pretty!

Everybody says – Škofja Loka is so pretty!

Only 23 km (14 miles) from the Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, you can spend a day back in time in Škofja Loka. This small town is among the most beautiful and oldest settlements in Slovenia. Its medieval town center is the best preserved in the whole country and it s really worth seeing!

The medieval beauty

A walk through the narrow old town alleys, with the stop at the Town Square for some tea or coffee, will add some more flavor to your cultural experience of Slovenia. Its evocative Old Town has been protected as a historical monument since 1987.


Fabulous castle

From the end of the square you can rise to the Škofja Loka Castle. The castle stands on the edge of the slope above the town and dominates the image of the town. This grand building is nowadays the home of Loka Museum, which is a great place to have a look at local history (closed on Mondays).

On our visit we captured many beautiful photographs of Škofja Loka, which will make you put Škofja Loka on your list of places you would want to see when visiting Slovenia!



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