Farewell of the Last Miller on the Mura River

Farewell of the Last Miller on the Mura River

January 13, 2021

Babič Mill is the only Pannonian floating mill on the Mura river, and it’s a unique technical monument of cultural, historical and ethnographic heritage and value.

Sadly, the mill lost its last miller, Vladimir Babič – Mirč, who passed this week. He was 88.

“I’m happiest when I’m in the mill. I’m only happy here. What should I do at home? It’s boring, you don’t do anything … But people come here, I’m happy if someone comes, and they’re happy if they find me here. And we are all satisfied. “

Vladimir Babič – Mirč, in one of his last interviews

Photo: Vestnik.si

The milling tradition of the Babič family dates back to 1912, when Jožef Babič, Vladimir’s father, bought a mill in Veržej. But it burned down in 1927. After that, he set up three more mills. Father Jožef was succeeded by his youngest son, Vladimir, better known as Mirč, who passed this activity on to his youngest daughter Karmen.

Head photo: Visit Pomurje

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