Feri Lainšček – the poet of the Prekmurje plains, will receive the Prešeren Prize tonight

On the eve of Slovenia’s Culture Day – February 8 (also known as the Prešeren Day) – a poet, a writer, playwright and screenwriter from north-eastern Slovenia, will receive the Prešeren Prize for lifetime-achievement.

Feri Lainšček, 61, is being honoured for “literary achievements whose artistic value has been enriching the treasury of Slovenian culture for almost 40 years”

He has established himself as a novelist and poet as well as a short-story, youth and children’s fiction writer, film screenwriter and author of song lyrics. 

Feri Lainšček believes literary heroes are spiritual beings with lives of their own. 

“There is something between us

that is not just a word,

from such a substance

it is like a dream,

there are times between us

when we are silent together

and we quietly believe in them.

"Med nama je nekaj, kar ni le beseda,
iz take snovi je kot sanje,
med nama so časi, ko skupaj molčiva
in tiho verjameva vanje

Head photo by Manca Juvan (from Feri Lainšček on Instagram)

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