From Slovenia to Greece!

From Slovenia to Greece!

Together with introducing Slovenia to the world through Let’s Go Slovenia travel blog I will be also blogging from one of my favorite countries – Greece, where I am spending some time at the moment.

Currently, I am in Athens, and as you can imagine there is much to know and see about this in many ways crazy capital. But I love it and that’s why I am here! I consider myself half local by now and I believe my first hand travel tips will be useful to all of you outhere who are planning to visit Greece.

So, Let’s Go Greece! And the best way to start is with some great photos!

Sun blazes through the Parthenon, a well-known and well-built symbol of ancient and modern Athens.
It’s possible to see all the way to the Saronic Gulf from the south side of the Acropolis.
Where’s my flat?

Temple of Athena Nike at Acropolis.


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