Green European Capitals: Ljubljana WINS the prestigious title!

Green European Capitals: Ljubljana WINS the prestigious title!

The European Best Destinations (EBD) – a travel website developed to promote culture & tourism in Europe, ranked Ljubljana at the very top of the selection of the 20 Best Green Capitals in Europe!

The capital of Slovenia has not only been ranked the #1 European Green capital, it has also been the only capital in Europe to be included six times on the Sustainable Destination Top 100 list.

Eco-conscious Ljubljana

The jury was convinced by the quality of Ljubljana’s air and water, extensive green areas per capita, the orderliness of public transport and cycling routes, natural tourism and the possibility of active holidays.

Among its eco-conscious offers, Ljubljana center has been car-free since 2008; it allows locals and visitors free access to a bike-share scheme for up to an hour at a time; and it has developed more than 542 square meters of green spaces including the Bee Trail, which takes in 4,500 hives placed around the city. 

Ljubljanica River running through Slovenian capital.

Great promotion!

By being ranked ‘BEST in Europe’, Ljubljana is exposed on the first European website for the promotion of tourism, as well as published in the American magazine Forbes USA, which focuses mainly on finance, industry, investment and marketing, and has almost 80 million readers.

A bike-friendly city, Ljubljana has more than 200 kilometers of cycle paths and at 70%, boasts the highest rate of household waste separation in the E.U.

City bikers are welcome in Ljubljana!

By Mari Podhraski (@mari_podhraski) / Twitter

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