Guesthouse Mihovc – the real taste of Stara Fužina

Guesthouse Mihovc – the real taste of Stara Fužina

When visiting and enjoying a trip to Lake Bohinj, you can complete your day with a nice meal at the Guesthouse Mihovc in a nearby village of Stara Fužina. It is an easy walk just down the road from the beautiful landmark of Bohinj – Church of St. John the Baptist.

Photos: Samo Šmarčan


Just a few minutes walk from the Church of St. John the Baptist, the village of Stara Fužina is situated in the Triglav National Park.

The village is so pretty, that you will thank us for suggesting a walk from Lake Bohinj to here. However, not many people, not even Slovenes know, that French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre used to be a regular visitor of Stara Fužina in the mid 1960’s. Here he was staying in a house  of his good friend Vladimir Dedijer. Simone de Beauvoir also used to stop by … a very intellectual village, one could say.

True Slovene hospitality at the Guesthouse Mihovc

Following the road through the old village, right in the heart of it, you will find the Guesthouse Mihovc.

The guesthouse is dating all the way back to 1888. They beautifully renovated it in the traditional Slovene style. There is also an outdoor terrace with the room for more than 100 people. The indoors is nicely decorated and there is place for 50-60 more. So, this is a quite big guesthouse, with a lot of charm. Further more, you will be happy to see that the staff is wearing the traditional Slovene clothes!

Picture time!

Near the guesthouse there is an Alpine Dairy Farm Museum.

The food at the Guesthouse Mihovc is based on a fresh local produce. The menu is extensive, consisting of Slovene traditional food, as well as some international dishes. We had the most delicious buckwheat porridge with mushrooms and cooked sausages with really tasty homemade »žganci«.

The unique Alpine feel of this place made it really difficult to leave, and we promised to ourselves that we will be soon back for more.

And also for longer!

Enjoy some photos of the nearby Lake Bohinj!

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