Everybody says – Škofja Loka is so pretty!

Only 23 km (14 miles) from the Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana, you can spend a day back in time in Škofja Loka. This small town is among the most beautiful and oldest settlements in Slovenia. Its medieval town center is the best preserved in the whole country and it […]

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5 BEST spots for your perfect Ljubljana photo!

Visiting Slovenia will without any doubt leave you with some great memories. And  if you do it right – some great photos! Therefore, as local travel bloggers who are showing Slovenia to the world, we thought of sharing with you some of the spots in […]

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House Aurora in the heart of Slovenia’s countryside

House Aurora in the heart of Slovenia’s countryside

If  you are looking for a bit more authentic experience of Slovenia, the Dolenjska region (Lower Carniola) might be a perfect place to visit. We decided to explore the part of Dolenjska around the towns of Ribnica and Kočevje, while staying in the local house in a small town of Sodražica. From there we managed to explore the best of the region. And more!

Beautiful landscape with meadows and forests, lots of streams and hills, many interesting places that are yet to be discovered. This is Dolenjska! The historic centre of Lower Carniola is Novo Mesto, and other towns include Kočevje, RibnicaTrebnjeČrnomeljSemič, and Metlika.

Rural heaven, with great hospitality

One of the best things we have come across was an option of renting a house in a small town of Sodražica, approximately 45 minutes drive from the capital of  Ljubljana. At Kočevje Tourist Association we got  all the information about the places to see and things to do in the area. After a weekend full of great hiking, cycling and exploring the surroundings, we can say that staying in a house in the local community was an amazing idea!

Especially since House Aurora is just beyond the words and above anything one expects when thinking of ‘a simple Slovenian rural environment.

This renovated  17th century beauty is a perfect place  for either a family, a couple or group of friends (sleeps max 8 people) . It offers  comfort, tradition, access to nature and a chance to explore some great spots within the Dolenjska region. Furthermore, besides visiting and exploring the near towns of Ribnica and Kočevje, there are many great activities to do there in any season of the year.


Peace and quiet. But lots to do, too!

From hiking, cycling, swimming in the very popular nearby Bloke Lake to skiing on the Izver skiing slope just two minutes away from Aurora house. There are certainly many activities to enjoy in the area around the house all year round. A very kind host will make sure you have all the information and all the comfort during your stay.

This part of Dolenjska is home to traditional wooden ware, also known locally under the name of “suha roba” (dry ware), as well as pottery. The Kočevje area is covered by vast forests, the largest primeval woodland in Europe and a protected area since 1888.

We wanted to keep as busy as possible during our summer stay. There fore, we decided to visit beautiful Bloke Lake and cool down the heat. It wasn’t too crowded with the swimmers and the lake is well maintained. There is also a cosy log cabin with food and drinks.  Nearby you can visit a village of small wooden houses.  Very relaxing and highly recommended!


Lake Bloke definitely deserves a visit! Only a short drive from House Aurora.

HIKING is the Thing in Slovenia!

Slovenes love to spend their time hiking and mountaneering. So, the best thing to enjoy the country is to do what the locals do. From house Aurora hiking to the nearby Travna gora hill (950 m) is what we did.

The views from the top are amazing!

Also, from the house visiting the pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary atop Nova Štifta is a MUST! This church is considered to be one of the most beautiful baroque architectural creations in Slovenia. You can easily cycle to the point where the road splits, and than walk up the road to the church (it might be too steep for a bicycle, but you can try).

Coming back to House Aurora from a very active day out will make your every day spent in the Dolenjska region of Slovenia complete!

For booking your perfect stay contact Kočevje Tourist Association.

Phone: +386 (0) 83 829 000

E-mail: td.kocevje@gmail.com

Photo credits of the House Aurora: Samo Šmarčan


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