How to Spend Three Days in Kranjska Gora Outside the Skiing Season

How to Spend Three Days in Kranjska Gora Outside the Skiing Season

Kranjska Gora is Slovenia’s most famous winter skiing resort. But this popular town in north-western Slovenia is visited all year round, not only in the winter season.

So, the question is – what is there to do when there’s no snow on the skiing slopes above the charming alpine Slovenian town? 

Visited by Let’s go Slovenia in late September 2020 

Kranjska Gora
The peaks of the Julian Alps are white, but no snow in the valley yet

When we visited Kranjska Gora in late September, the weather was delightfully sunny and warm. Our excitement increased even more when we checked into our hotel – the room had a balcony with a mountain view! Undoubtfully, we used it well for morning coffees and evening glasses of wine. 

But in between, our three days there were full of fun and unforgettable activities.

Kranjska Gora
We couldn’t have picked better time to visit Kranjska Gora than September!

We picked five experiences we enjoyed MOST in Kranjska Gora and around it!

1. Walk to Lake Jasna 

On the first morning of our three day stay we walked to Lake Jasna. The lake is located only 2 km from Kranjska Gora. Though short – the walk is not short of beautiful scenery.  

While admiring the high mountain peaks of the Julian Alps and the river running next to the main road, you find yourself in a real alpine wonderland site. And in the middle of it, a spectacular alpine lake, with clear intense green water is set.  

Lake Jasna
Lake Jasne looks like a dream …

Either you decide to sit in a restaurant by the lake or to walk around the lake (or both), one thing is definite: here you just can’t get enough of the scenic views. 

Lake Jasna
Jasna lake is guarded by a statue of Zlatorog (Goldhorn).

2. Take a ski lift up to above 1000 meters 

We were happy to find out that one of the Kranjska Gora ski-lifts was operating, even though it was out of the skiing season. At the top of this good news, we were told by our hotel that all their guests get complimentary ski-lift tickets (which come at 6 euros per person return).

So, off we went!

Ski Lift - Kranjska Gora
The views of the valley from the ski-lift are breath-taking!

Our plan was to have a ride all the way up to Bedanc Cottage – located under the Vitranc summit at 1,111 meters above the sea level.

Besides having a warm or refreshing drink, here you can also order some homemade bakery products. Additionally, they also serve traditional Slovenian food like žganci, ričet or jota.  

Bedanc cottage - Kranjska Gora
Coffee at Bedanc Cottage at 1,111 meters for us!

3. Walk to Rateče – a picturesque village near three borders

Rateče is a village in the far northwest corner of Slovenia, also known as “tromeja” or tripoint – the point where the borders of Austria, Italy and Slovenia meet.

If you decide to walk there (which is what we did), there is a well maintained walking and cycling path all the way from Kranjska Gora to Rateče. There are also buses going there regularly.

Walking shouldn’t take more than 1,5 hour, you can also combine taking a bus there and return to Kranjska Gora on foot or vice versa.

Rateče village near Kranjska gora
Welcome to Rateče!

At the entrance of the village, visitors are greeted by the parish church dedicated to the Holy Spirit (Cerkev Sv. Duha), originally built in 1520.

But this tiny village is home to another, even older church (in fact it’s one of the oldest surviving churches in Slovenia) – the Church of St. Thomas (Cerkev Sv. Tomaža), which dates back to 1360.

Rateče village near Kranjska Gora
Rateče village near Kranjska Gora
Rateče village was first mentioned in 1385, and it still retains much of its historic character.

4. Stop at Zelenci – the magical springs

The natural environment of Zelenci reserve, multiple springs and emerald-green lake are drawing a lot of the attention of nature lovers from around the world.

We stopped here on our way back from Rateče to Kranjska Gora. It takes a walk through the forest off the main path to get here (watch for the informational sign by the road).

Zelenci is the source of the Sava Dolinka River, a tributary of the Danube.

Zelenci Nature Reserve is home to numerous endangered animal and plant species. The maintained trails feature informational signage, as well as viewing bridges and an observation tower.

5. Treat yourself with a traditional Slovenian food experience

Gostilna Pri Martinu is located in an old adapted house just a few steps out of the central Kranjska Gora.

This very cosy and welcoming place has a great choice of traditional Slovenian meals.

From homemade soups (their garlic soup is a MUST try), different varieties of meats – from chicken and turkey steaks, to deer medallions, roast pork, sausages with cabbage and fish dishes, to polenta, žganci, goulash and Slovenian cheese štruklji.

Yes, you can thank us later! ?

*NOTICE: All the above TO DO things can be included in your winter, spring or summer Kranjska Gora visit!

**Visiting Planica (known for Planica Ski Jumping) is another great thing to do during your Kranjska Gora stay. It’s located near Rateče. We didn’t include it above, because we have visited Planica many times prior to this visit.

***We stayed at Hotel Alpina, which we kindly recommend for a pleasant stay in Kranjska Gora! Our reservation was made on

Hotel Alpina - Kranjska Gora
Hotel Alpina is in the background of the photo, right below the mountains. Hence the spectacular views from our room!

Kranjska Gora is a real walkers paradise in any season.

By Mari Podhrasky (@mari_podhrasky) / Twitter

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