In Love With Ptuj? Now You Can See It Every Day!

In Love With Ptuj? Now You Can See It Every Day!

January 10, 2021

The view of Ptuj with its mighty castle and one of the central city squares is now accessible not only to visitors to Ptuj, but also to all who would like to follow the pulse of one of the oldest Slovenian cities virtually!

Watch Ptuj sights online!

In cooperation with the Ptuj Television PeTV, the Ptuj Tourist Board has set up two cameras at the footbridge and on Mestni trg (City Square), which show two recognizable tourist spots of Ptuj LIVE every day of the year via a web link.

We loved visiting Ptuj!

The Ptuj Tourist Board emphasizes that the current epidemiological situation still does not allow visitors from elsewhere to be able to admire the beauties of Ptuj live. Hence, the live web solution, which will make many Ptuj admirers happy.

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Will there be KURENTOVANJE famous Ptuj carnival in 2021?

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