In Some Parts of Slovenia There is a Real Winter Wonderland!

In Some Parts of Slovenia There is a Real Winter Wonderland!

January 3, 2021

While in the lowlands of most of the country the late autumn weather continues (although it’s already January), in higher altitudes there is a real winter wonderland going on at the moment.

And it keeps snowing

There is a lot of snow especially in the Julian Alps – from some places they are reporting of the thickest snow blanket since 2001.

Places like Kranjska Gora, Rateče, Pokljuka, Jezersko, Velika Planina are covered with snow. And the snow just keeps falling.

In many places in the Upper Sava Valley, the snow blanket is well over a meter thick, while in the Bohinj region there is over half a meter of snow.

Because the snow is wet, there is also a snowbreak. This is the situation on the route Rateče – Podkoren, where several trees fell on the road.

Click the VIDEO to watch live the snow situation in Kranjska Gora.

Photo: Velika Planina Official Site Facebook page
Kranjska Gora (Photo credits: Elizabeta Skumavc)

It’s kind of an irony – after a long time there is plenty of snow, and very few skiers (because of covid-19).

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