Iron Forging Museum in Kropa declared a cultural monument

Iron Forging Museum in Kropa declared a cultural monument

January 30, 2021

Klinar’s House in the lovely village of Kropa near Radovljica, which is home to the Iron Forging Museum, has a special significance for the area due to its historical, ethnological and architectural features.

Kropa is unique in many ways

Kropa is a small settlement with several hundred years of iron working and blacksmithing tradition. Its well preserved architecture and technical heritage makes it one of the most important Slovenian historic places.

Kropa has been protected as a cultural monument since 1953

The Iron Forging Museum is situated in the central part of the old square. On the ground floor there is a small gift shop and a projection room, whilst the museum’s exhibits are on the first and second floors.

Important museum, but needs a renovation

The main product produced by Kropa’s blacksmiths were nails. There is a room dedicated to them in the museum where there are almost one hundred various shapes and sizes of nails on display. The ethnological collection shows the every day life of blacksmiths’ families.

Entrance of Klinar’s House, which is home to the Iron Forging Museum,

Klinar’s House is a typical ironworks building from the end of the 18th century. Being declared a cultural monument, the municipality of Radovljica will now finally be able to apply for the tender for the renovation of the roof of Klinar’s house and some other needed renovations.

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