It’s TIME to admire the blooming Japanese Sakura trees in Ljubljana!

It’s TIME to admire the blooming Japanese Sakura trees in Ljubljana!

April 01, 2021

It’s beginning of April and most of the cherry blossoms (or Sakura trees) in front of Ljubljana Faculty of Biotechnology near Rožna Dolina (Flower Valley) are already in bloom, although not all the buds are open yet. But in a next week or two, the sight will be striking!

A gift from Japan to Slovenia

Hanami or ” blossoms watching” is a big thing in Japan. The main star of this event is Sakura as the Japanese call their cherry tree.

But since 2000, when the Japanese cherry blossoms were donated to Slovenia by Japan – the first one was planted by Japanese princess Sayako – we can also admire their bloom in Ljubljana!

Cherry blossoms in front of the Biological Centre along the Eternal Path (Večna Pot) in Ljubljana will be at their peak in a week or two.

Cherry blossoms which were in October 2000 planted by Japanese Princess Sayako, are sign of friendship and cooperation between Slovenia and Japan.

Last bloom?

However, there are some concerns about the future of the Sakura trees in Ljubljana. Since the construction plans of a new building of the Institute of Biology include moving of the trees, Ljubljana Sakura protection group is acting on this with the public initiative.

More at: What is happening? – Ljubljana Sakura

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