Lake Bled won’t be turning so red this season!

Lake Bled won’t be turning so red this season!

January 31, 2021 (STA)

After last year’s alarming condition of Lake Bled, this year’s situation looks better.

It happens every year, but …

Lake Bled is in better condition this winter than it was a year ago when it underwent extensive spread of cyanobacterial, the local authorities at the lakeside resort of Bled say.

Last winter they have called on the national authorities to help them maintain the popular Lake Bled and remedy the deteriorating state of the water.

Though the algae blooms are natural phenomenon which happens every year, the colour of the lake has never been so intense as in 2020.

Serious action has been taken

The alarming situation triggered a number of activities last year, the municipality removed algae from the lake, and the system of remediation devices was thoroughly inspected.

The open letter from the Municipality of Bled has been sent to the National Assembly, the Slovenian president, government and the National Council, calling for immediate state aid in the maintenance of the lake.

Let’s hope for the healthy lake also in the future!

Featured head photo: Profimedia

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