Lake Velenje beach keeps winning THE BEST NATURAL BEACH in Slovenia title!

Lake Velenje beach keeps winning THE BEST NATURAL BEACH in Slovenia title!

Home to metal-processing, construction industries, and in the past also a good number of mines, the city of Velenje is now placing itself as a green tourist destination with serious offer of cool activities!

Lake Velenje

If you’re ready to leave Ljubljana and other Slovenian tourist hot spots for a trip to a town with a less familiar name, you’ll be in for a surprise!

The city of Velenje is located in north-eastern Slovenia, among the rolling green hills of the Šalek Valley. Whether you’re after an adventurous open air summer swimming trip or looking for an interesting place to explore all year round – coming here is a winner!

One of the main attractions in Velenje however, is undoubtedly its lake, named after the city itself.

You won’t find a better maintained city beach than the one by the Lake Velenje. This one’s for water-fun looking bathers, who enjoy activities like stand-up-paddling (SUP) and boat rowing. A bar is located in the boathouse, and the beach is also dog friendly.

Lake Velenje beach was totally renovated in 2014. (Photo credits: Velenje Beach/Velenjska plaža on Facebook)

Fourth-time winner!

Lake Velenje Beach won the category of natural beaches in the Best Beaches 2021 category for the fourth year in a row!

The campaign which has been going on since 1990 is organized by the Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia) in cooperation with Good Morning, Slovenia web portal!

The Coal Mining Museum of Velenje

While in Velenje, you can also put on the miners boots, descent 160 m beneath the surface of the earth and go on an interesting journey into the once active mine tunnels of the mine Škale, which are now a part of the Velenje Coal Mining Museum!

Velenje COAL MINING MUSEUM is one of the most popular museums in Slovenia! See more at:

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