Learn about Slavic mythology at the UNIQUE cross-border Mythic Park

Learn about Slavic mythology at the UNIQUE cross-border Mythic Park

The cross-border mythic park connects the Rodik village in Slovenia and the Mošćenička Draga region in Croatia.

A mythological landscape of Rodik

Recently set up Rodik Mythical Park (Slovenian side) takes visitors back into the world of Slavic ancestors and ancient legends.

From Baba – the archaic female mythic character of Slavic or even pre-Slavic origin (according to the Rodiška legends, Baba from Rodik could influence the weather), the serpent cult, dwarfs in the mystical forests and karst caves, giants (or ajdi) to “Šembilja” – a burning chariot led by the devil (traces of wheels in the rock Pod lisičino are said to testify to this).

Pod lisičino: Rodik park’s devil sculpture marking the mythological story.
Visitors will also find out more about the serpent cult. (Photo: Marko Strle)

Rodik is known for its rich mythology, with traditions that are even much older than Slavic and Christian.

Guided walks

Two walking paths take visitors through the park: among the trees that form the upper part on the Brkini ridge or along the lower section of the Baba loop on the hard karst soil.

Enter the mythical world by taking a walk in nature.

A total of 12 stone path markers and 41 sculptures were placed in permanent places. Marko Pogačnik, a UNESCO artist for peace, designed the spatial layout at the Baba location.

They have a similar mythical park in Moščenice in Croatia, with a presentation of Slavic rituals and remnants of beliefs, such as the belief in the god Perun – the supreme god of the Slavic mythology.

Thematic routes and visitor centres in both parks will help visitors experience a mythical perception of the world from very distant times.

Watch Rodik Mythical Park (making of) – YouTube

Old Slavic goddess Baba on this particular photo Baba from Rodik can be seen (Archive Katja Hrobat Virloget)

According to tradition, the Rodik Baba (Rodiška Baba) was a large rock monolith that brought rain and severe bora to Rodik. When she decided, the sun was shining. (Interesting: ‘baba’ is still used as an expression for a woman in Slovenia, though often not in the most flattering way).

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