Lipizzan horses from Lipica: The white horses, who are born black

Lipizzan horses from Lipica: The white horses, who are born black

A few days ago, the Stud Farm Lipica delivered some happy news to the world!

On their Facebook account they posted: “We proudly present to you the first two foals this year, little black Maestoso Samira XXXVIII and brown Canissa. They came into the world on April 6th. In the next months, we expect 23 more beautiful Lipizzan foals. Can’t wait for you to meet them!”  

Lipizzan horses in Slovenia are born black and as they get older their fur turns white. (Photo credits: Stud Farm Lipica on FB)

Lipica is the oldest European stud farm continuously breeding one of the oldest cultural horse breeds. As such it has a remarkable significance as a cultural, historical and natural heritage for Slovenia and Europe.

Home of the Lipizzan horses

When visiting Slovenia, the horse lovers (and others) must NOT miss a visit to the Lipica Stud Farm, which is located in the Slovenian Karst region.

Known as the cradle of white Lippizan horses, the stud farm’s story begins in the 16th century when the abandoned summer residence became the court stud farm. Its history is closely intertwined with the Habsburgs and the times when the Lipizzan horse was considered a crucial strategic warfare advantage.

The breed has been endangered numerous times during WW I and WW II. However, they managed to survive with the help of WW II American troops – the rescue of the Lipizzans during World War II was made famous by the 1963 Disney movie Miracle of the White Stallions.

The Disney movie ‘Miracle of the White Stallions’ is the story of the evacuation of the Lipizzan horses from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna during World War II. (Photo: Wikipedia)

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