Ljubljana – the green capital that also chooses its ‘TREE OF THE YEAR’!

Ljubljana – the green capital that also chooses its ‘TREE OF THE YEAR’!

Frankly, from a country which is known as the first in the world to be declared a Global Green Destination one would expect nothing less than also selecting its capital’s greatest, mightiest, most unique and most inspiring tree …

The ‘Tree Cityof Ljubljana

Among several other sustainability recognitions and awards, Slovenian capital Ljubljana was named the European Green Capital in 2016.

Because of its good care of the trees it was also recognized as one of the the Tree Cities of the World – a program by the Arbor Day Foundation and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN.

Ljubljana was named the European Green Capital of 2016!

Significance of trees in the city

By choosing the tree of the year the City of Ljubljana wants to encourage the observation of trees and shift focus on their importance for the quality of life in the city.

In 2020, Ljubljana citizens were invited for the second consecutive year to propose candidates – out of 29 suggestions, an expert jury has chosen seven finalists.

Trnovo – Ljubljana has many green neighbourhoods.

Tree of 2020!

The final decision was again given to the citizens. And they chose the weeping beech, which is growing in the garden in front of the house at Vodnikova cesta 93 in Šiška.

The winner tree of 2020 was the mighty hanging beech tree in Šiška.

The winning tree was planted around 1906, when the house next to it was built. Since winning the prestigious title, the tree became a bit of a star in the neighbourhood.

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