Ljubljana will keep its LEGENDARY Bloudek ski jump tower!

Ljubljana will keep its LEGENDARY Bloudek ski jump tower!

Just before the demolition, a reversal: the last memory of Bloudek’s ski jump on the hill in the middle of the Slovene capital city Ljubljana remains!

Constructed in 1954, in a time that encouraged mass physical activity, the ski jump was designed by the foremost Slovene engineer Stanko Bloudek, who specialised in airplanes, automobiles and sports infrastructure. Bloudek also designed the legendary ski jump in Planica where the first jump over 100 meters took place in 1936.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN LJUBLJANA: The wooden jumping platform is long since gone, but the high tower within which the staircase for the jumpers was located still stands.

In a forest, half way towards Rožnik hill in Šiška, an unusual tower greets the passers-by. The tower is empty, yet not exactly a ruin.

The City of Ljubljana planned to demolish the tower claiming that it represents a threat, especially to those who climb it and run drones from it.

But after great public and media pressure, stressing the great historic, symbolic and sentimental importance of the object, they changed their minds.

The tower remains for now, but it will be fenced off to protect park visitors from damage.

In its prime years (until 1967), the construction was used mostly for recreational and training purposes, but competitions were organised there as well.

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