Maribor city park will finally get a FRESH look!

Maribor city park will finally get a FRESH look!

Maribor often stands in the shadow of Slovenia’s capital city Ljubljana. But this city, which is also the second largest city in Slovenia offers its visitors many hidden gems that are worth a visit to Maribor.

Promenades, ponds and rare trees

It was in 1872, when the Maribor Embellishment Society, predecessor of the Horticultural Society of Maribor, first started landscaping the city park. First, the western part of the park was constructed on the area of the medieval ponds, while the land for the eastern part needed to be drained before the trees could be planted.

Today the park is a combination of numerous paths, promenades, more than 150 types of trees and bushes from all over the world, ponds and even vineyards. Many locals take a stroll through it on a daily basis, some with their kids, but there’s also enough space for those who want to retreat from the noise.

Long waited promenade renovation

The Municipality of Maribor successfully obtained EU financial contribution for the promenade renovation project in the city park, which is expected to be carried out later this year. The old and the new part of the promenade will be included in the renovation, but there will be no changes of the park’s concept as it is.

They will replace old benches, and restore worn-out walkways and staircases. Cast iron shafts, drains and sewers will be also replaced, and the repair of concrete slabs with a suitably hardened base will be carried out.

Improvement of the quality of life in the city

The municipality of Maribor is especially proud of the fact that the park, despite later alterations, has preserved all the qualities of the original historical concept in the landscape style.

They are positive that the renovation of the promenade in the City Park will contribute to a greater number of visitors to the park and thus to an improvement in the quality of life in the city.

Photos by Visit Maribor

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