Meet Brigita Herjavec – designer of unique ceramic presents from Slovenia!

Meet Brigita Herjavec –  designer of unique ceramic presents from Slovenia!

Brigita Herjavec is an outstanding pottery ceramics artist and designer from Slovenia. Ceramic bowls, cake trays, cup holders, decorative lights, even jewellery – she masters everything with the elegance and beauty that touches you.

Each product is a piece of art on its own, an object capturing the innocent, tender and delicate side of the outside world. Through her constant research and experimentation, Brigita has also created the CERAMIC LACE innovation. But let’s start at the beginning …

When did you start designing unique ceramics and who introduced you to this profession?

My first master teacher of ceramics was Slovenian craftswoman, clay and ceramic artist Mojca Žalik. I’ve been in this profession for 15 years now. But 5 years ago l did a total transformation of my style and goals.

So now l am making personalized boutique ceramics.

What sort of ceramic products do you create and from where do you get the inspiration?

My designs are both useful and artistic. My inspiration is almost always nature in it’s many forms.

Potičnik (potica maker) ‘Marjetica’
Golden fish and lavender on bowls.
Tea or coffee cups with golden bubbles.

Do you have a signature product?

My signature product is ceramic lace and a cup named SLOVENKA with ceramic lace (plate). About 2 years ago I invented a technique for making ceramic lace.

Can you tell more about this innovation?

Since ceramic lace is my innovation, it will stay a business secret of how it is made. All I can say about it is that I worked on this technique for years to perfect it. And it is not easy to make it.

‘SLOVENKA’ or Slovenian woman cup on a ceramic lace plate.
A very unique fruit bowl.

Who are your customers and where is your main market?

My customers are from all over the world. But my main market is still Slovenia.

How can people find you and order your products?

People can connect with me on Facebook – Unikatna Keramika-Brigita Herjavec and on Instagram, where they can also order a personalized product. But most of the customers come to me because they heard about me from other satisfied customers.

How important is the aspect of promotion of Slovenia in your products?

Promotion of Slovenian heritage in the background is very important for me and all my products.

Work in progress …
Wedding gifts by Brigita Herjavec.

Would you maybe like to add anything for our readers?

Creations with clay are still my passion and first love. All this passion and love can be seen on all of my products. At least that’s what my customers tell me. With mass production this passion and love would definitely be gone.

Brigita Herjavec’s ceramic products are full of love, passion and dedication.

When you buy a handmade product, you not only buy the material, but also the artist’s knowledge, time, effort, skill, love and dedication required to create the unique creation.

More at: Unikatna keramika BH – Unikatna keramika – Brigita Herjavec

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