Meet Celje’s Most Popular Dessert!

Meet Celje’s Most Popular Dessert!

If you want to get a taste of Celje, you definitely need to try the iconic Celje roll!

Most known for its castle, but also as a home of the famous globetrotter and writer Alma Karlin (1889 – 1950), there’s more on a plate in the Slovenia’s third biggest city!

Though the word about the Celje roll has not spread as much as the word of the famous Blejska kremšnita (Bled cream cake) or Prekmurska gibanica (Prekmurje layer-cake), it is really time to talk about it.

Amazing Celje

This crispy baked roll, often topped with chocolate (later also with ground hazel-nuts) and filled with whipped cream is remembered by many locals with a great deal of nostalgia, especially those from the then Na Na Confectionery.

But the Celje roll is still around and the locals will certainly be happy to suggest where you can try it.

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Head photo: The legendary Celje rolls from Slaščičarna ZVEZDA pastry shop in Celje.

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