Gorica Vasilevska moved to Slovenia from North Macedonia. Her idea to start her own company that would enable tourists and travelers to spend even more worry free holidays in Slovenia excited me. Soon I realized this is a story of a hard working young woman, whose optimism is truly refreshing.

Interview by Let’s Go Slovenia – Marijana

When did you move to Slovenia and what’s the story behind your moving here?

Since my undergraduate studies, I was always interested to go abroad and explore. So I was looking for opportunities how to do that. Then right after I finished with studies the perfect opportunity appeared. I found volunteering opportunity in Ljubljana through Erasmus+ program in NGO called Mladiinfo. The intention was to stay for 9 months. But life always holds surprises for us and 9 months became 4,5 years and counting.

Where in Slovenia do you live, how do you find it living there, what do you currently do?

I live in Ljubljana since the very beginning. Life in Slovenia and Ljubljana is super easy and calm. Nature is magical and the city is very clean. People are nice, I can say that I fit perfectly in the culture and I felt since the very beginning that I belong here. It was love at first sight.  Currently I am self-employed and founder/owner of Bag to Store company for luggage storage.

Gorica moved to Slovenia in 2015 as a volunteer and she fell in love with Slovenia’a capital.
What do you like most about your life here so far and what least?

As I said before, I like the nature and culture of Slovenians, I like how people take care of their city to stay clean, something that I miss when going back home. Also, I really like how people find time for their health and do sports, hiking to Rožnik, Šmarna Gora or simply walking in Tivoli park. It’s really great to see people doing sports and it motivates me to do it, too.

How did the idea for your own business in Slovenia develop?

While I was still a student, I started working for FlixBus company – a start-up company based in Munich. I worked there for almost 2 years in an international and diverse team where I got a chance to learn from great people who are experts in their field. Being able to work in international company that is growing each day, I was able to see closely how things are working in a start up. This experience gave me the courage to start my own business in my lovely Ljubljana.

As a keen traveler myself, I was often in a situation when I needed a luggage storage place. It was a real struggle carrying the luggage around, I always felt I am not enjoying the city to the maximum … With combination of my past work experience and my love for traveling I came up with idea of opening luggage storage company.

How is it to start a company in Slovenia for a foreigner? What were the main obstacles?

There are very few obstacles, for someone who speaks the language even less. The procedure is super easy and in 1 day you already have a company.  I must say that I was super lucky to have the kindest Slovenian flatmate who helped me a lot in the post-opening company process. Having a local that can guide you and help you is definitely a huge plus.

With combination of past work experience and love for traveling, Gorica came up with idea of opening luggage storage company based in Ljubljana.
How does Bag to Store operate, where is located, what are working hours etc.?

Bag to Store is located in the heart of Ljubljana on Slovenska cesta 56 (Bavarski dvor). The working hours are from 7:00 am until midnight. The main service is offering luggage storage for travelers who have just checked out from their accommodation, but still have time until they leave the city and people that are only for few hours in the city.

The vision is to connect travellers and local companies by giving opportunity to travellers to find close place near them where they can store their bags and on the other side giving additional value to local companies by offering luggage storage as additional service to their business.

More information are available on, Instagram and Facebook profiles @bagtostore

Bag to Store is located in the heart of Ljubljana on Slovenska cesta 56 (Bavarski dvor). The working hours are from 7:00 am until midnight.
Are you planning to offer any other travel services in the future?

The idea in the future is to grow and expand in Europe through partners like bistros, coffee places, rent a bike and similar companies.

I want Bag to Store to become a recognized and most trustworthy brand for luggage storage service in Europe.

Have you already seen a lot of Slovenia? Any favorite places or things to do?

Yes, I had the opportunity to see a lot of Slovenia. It’s hard to choose just one place. Starting from magical Bled and Bohinj, charming Piran to small but cute Ptuj, every corner of Slovenia has something to offer. In Ljubljana I definitely enjoy chilling in Tivoli park, which is my favorite place for all seasons.

Life in Slovenia is super easy and calm, says Gorica. She initially planned to stay here for 9 months, but now she is approaching almost 5 years here.
How would you describe Slovenia and Slovenians to people who have never been here?

Kind people who like beer and like to hike.

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