Meet Let’s go Slovenia!

Meet Let’s go Slovenia!

Let’s go Slovenia is the one-stop Slovenia local travel blog and a work of love by the site’s manager, Marijana Podhraški, with  support from the photographer Samo Šmarčan, both from Slovenia & both Ljubljana natives. 

As chief writer Marijana ensures that Let’s go Slovenia is brimming with local expert knowledge so that travellers are fully informed as they plan their trips to Slovenia.

In addition to writing, Marijana is also editing works of occasional contributing local experts. She has received her BA in Journalism in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

After completing her home studies, she spent few years living in New York City (which was one of her life dreams all along ). 🎈

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Marijana and Samo are both dedicated to creating  a valuable and up to date Slovenia travel content. They are also administrating a Facebook group called Slovenia Travel Forum, where the best first hand travel tips about Slovenia can be found.

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