New hotel in Bled is upsetting many locals

New hotel in Bled is upsetting many locals

It is not yet known when the construction of the Hotel Europa Bled in Rečica, three hundred meters away from the lake and the popular swimming pool Zaka, will begin.

The hotel would take their view of the lake

Several architectural solutions were submitted to the public competition of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia. The winning solution provoked a sharp reaction from Bled residents, as the hotel would take away their view of the lake.

This is the winning plan for Hotel Europa Bled. (Photo: ZAPS)

In addition, it was written in the municipal spatial plan that only smaller prestigious hotels will be built in Bled. But the winning architectural idea for a new hotel shows a huge, five-storey building with 80 rooms and five underground floors.

Many are also convinced that hotel of such design and appearance doesn’t fit to one of the world’s most beautiful spots.

(Photo: ZAPS)

“Not the best solution”

The evaluation commission agreed that the winning solution was not the best and that the building would have to be slightly adjusted, which was also confirmed by the mayor of Bled.

If the investor decides to continue, the project will be prepared, and the project will have to take into account further reduced dimensions.

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