Our 7 TIPS for Your Joyful Trip to Škofja Loka!

Our 7 TIPS for Your Joyful Trip to Škofja Loka!

Once in Škofja Loka, you will make a sigh: Aahhh it’s so BEAUTIFUL here!

(Khm, what took you so long – we have been telling you this all along!) ?

This charming little place only a good 20 minute bus ride from Ljubljana (5, 40 EUR return ticket) is simply too unique and special not to be seen while you’re in Slovenia. Moreover, not much planning is needed for a visit. Škofja Loka’s cosy and laid back vibes are good news for all who know how to slow down.

We thought of making a list of 7 basics for your most joyful day in Škofja Loka!

1. Take a stroll around the Old Town

As mentioned, Škofja Loka Old Town is without doubt one of the most beautiful ones in the whole country. Wherever you turn, there is an interesting and colourful historic building – some with a new facade, others showing more of their age.

However, most of the buildings are quite well maintained, with flowers on windows and lovely hand-made curtains for visitors to admire.

Lots to explore and admire it the old town of Škofja Loka!

2. Walk up to the Škofja Loka Castle ?

A picturesque Škofja Loka Castle is set on a hill above the town. You can enjoy the splendour of the castle interiors or just walk its courtyard – both is pretty cool.

Its history might stretch all the way back to 1202 , at least that’s when it was first mentioned. Although today’s building dates from the 16th century. The castle was rebuilt in 1691 after an earthquake and in 1716.

3. Take in the phenomenal views

Views from Škofja Loka Castle over old town part and landscape around the town will inspire you to come back and do some hiking in this part of Slovenia.

But not today, this time you are here to take it easy and just enjoy the town’s atmosphere.

Delightful views of the surrounding are included in the most joyful experience of Škofja Loka!

4. Have a drink in the Old Town ☕️

You can have a drink before going up to the castle or afterwards. There’s enough of lovely cafes in town to do it before and afterwards.

Weather you decide to sit at the entrance of the old town or in the heart of the medieval town, the lovely views will fill your heart with joy. Our top selection would be Kavarna Vahtnca/Coffee House Vahtnca (it’s open 7 days a week!)

From mulled wine, hot chocolate to great selection of beers – Kavarna VAHTNCA adds flavour to your Škofja Loka trip!

5. Lunch or dinner at ‘Pr Pepet’

Everybody loves a great food recommendation, right?! A member of our Slovenia Travel Forum Facebook group once recommended a restaurant called Pr ‘Pepet – and it turned out to be a great TIP!

This is a very local place, where the menu is changing every day (depending on what is fresh). You can check the menu on their webpage (using Google translate for translation from Slovene), both meat and vegetarian/vegan meal options are offered, lunches at great 7 euros per person.

Really top quality of food and ingredients at this very hospitable place, there’s also an outdoor terrace with a view of the Škofja Loka Castle!

Pr ‘PEPET restaurant is a great little find in Škofja Loka!

6. Cross the famous Capuchin Bridge

A unique bridge built in the mid-14th century from carved stone in a semi-circular shape, is the only one of its kind in central Europe. 

This alone is a reason to walk across it!

But there’s MORE! Standing in the middle of the bridge there is a statue of St. John Nepomuk, patron saint of bridges.

The bridge is located a short walk away from the Capuchin monastery which also dates back to the 14th century.

7. SELFIE with the Capuchin Bridge in the background

Fans of enviable selfies and amazing travel photos will especially appreciate coming to Škofja Loka! But this place is so photogenic that even if you don’t belong to this category, you won’t be able to resist a snap or two!

Having said that, we find that a MUST do selfie location in Škofja Loka is on the bridge across the Capuchin Stone Bridge. Cracking a smile for a camera will leave you with a best possible souvenir from this stunning place.

You can’t go wrong with a selfie with the Capuchin Bridge in the background!


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