Our TOP 5 Places In Slovenia We Visited In 2020

Our TOP 5 Places In Slovenia We Visited In 2020

In 2020 we visited some new places!

by Let’s go Slovenia

Travelling around Slovenia in 2020

Despite 2020 being a year of global pandemic, we managed to make some short trips – when we were (still) allowed to travel and move across country’s different regions. 

Due to enormous drop of international visitors to Slovenia this year (like everywhere in the world), it was mainly up to domestic tourists to help out the hospitality business.

Here in Slovenia, each adult resident received a 200 euros tourist voucher (minors 50 euros) to spend for hotel, motel, B&B or private owners stays across the country.

But while some more popular places did well thanks to this move, others did less so. 

Visiting smaller places

Our idea for this year’s trips was to visit places where there would be less people expected – smaller and more remote locations.

( At number one of the list – keeping it a secret for now – we met like 6-7 people in three days ).

Here we go – Top 5 List

(from number 5)

5. Rateče (near Kranjska Gora)

Rateče is a charming alpine village in the far northwest corner of Slovenia, also known as “tromeja” or tripoint – the point where the borders of Austria, Italy and Slovenia meet. It’s also about an hour walk from Slovenia’s popular skiing resort Kranjska Gora.

While walking from Kranjska Gora to Rateče, the view of the mighty Julian Alps are following you along the way. We really liked the leisurely atmosphere of the village, the yawning cats, the villagers passing by greeting you …

But let the photos speak!

Right in the middle of Rateče there is a lovely restaurant “Gostišče pri Žerjavu“, so you can really unwind here. Perfection.

4. Vinica (Bela Krajina)

Another small place that made our 2020 is Vinica, located by the Kolpa river in the south-east Slovenia (on the border with Croatia). We visited Vinica at the peak of the summer season, and we had a complete bliss.

There is a very elegant castle and an old mill on the river absolutely worth stopping at. Swimmers are welcome, too. We loved spending a day here, this tiny place captures you with its romantic air and its old houses. It also complements you with a dose of a lush wilderness.

Find out what more is there to do in Slovenia’s little gem called Vinica in our BLOG POST!

3. Koper 

Slovenia’s port city of Koper is often overlooked by Slovenia visitors (even domestic tourists), because it’s surrounded with some – what most people say and believe – “more attractive” Mediterranean towns like Piran or Izola (even Portorož).

But if we learned one thing this year, is that skipping Koper when visiting Slovenia’s coast – is a great mistake to make!

Koper is pleasant and very attractive town, to say at least. Its central core is delightfully medieval, filled with lots of cute shops, cafes and eating options (beyond fish-restaurants).

Also, exploring the backstreets of Koper old town is what every traveller dreams of!

2. Lake Jasna, Kranjska Gora 

Only 2 km from Kranjska Gora, you will find Lake Jasna, with the little river flowing alongside.

There is a nice chill-out restaurant by the lake to enjoy this spectacular environment. The views of host of mighty mountains embracing the crystal clear water is so intense that you take it home with you.

You can also go around the lake and fill your lungs with fresh alpine air. Rejuvenation right there.

The lake is guarded by a statue of Zlatorog (Goldhorn). 

1. Drežnica 

So, here we are! Number ONE of our Slovenia 2020 travel list is Drežnica!

We visited Drežnica when walking the Soča Valley part of the Juliana Trail this summer. (More about this experience in our separate BLOG post “HOW WALKING SAVED ONE TRAVEL BLOGGER’S SUMMER”)

From the moment we reached this tiny village all the way up above Kobarid (on foot), until now – we are still under its spell. If you want to find out more about Drežnica, read our blog “DREŽNICA – A FAIRY TALE VILLAGE EMBRACED BY MT. KRN”

The best thing to do is to share some photos!

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