Our visit to the Avsenik Museum in Begunje

Our visit to the Avsenik Museum in Begunje

A story of the legendary Avsenik Brothers Ensemble is just too big to be missed when visiting Slovenia!

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The Avsenik Museum is very near famous Lake Bled

It all started in Begunje, a typical Gorenjska region village near Lake Bled, where back in the 1950’s brothers Slavko  (1929-2015) and Vilko (1928-2017) invented a whole new basis for folk music.

The music for their repertoire of about 1000 songs was all written by Slavko and arranged by Vilko, an academic composer.

The village of Begunje na Gorenjskem where the world famous musicians of Slovenian folk music were born.

The Avsenik Brothers have been ambassadors of Slovenia for more than six decades. Their recognizable music sound has made Slovenia well known around the world.

Further more, the composition »Na Golici« is considered the most frequently performed instrumental tune in the world.

Great museum experience & delicious Slovenian food

In the museum you can find out about the beginnings of Slovenian folk music and listen to all the Avsenik hits.

On display there are original instruments belonging to the musicians and clothing that Slavko Avsenik wore on concert stages.

You can also see numerous recognitions and awards that the Avsenik Brothers received for their services in the field of music and the promotion of Slovenia, as well as gold, platinum and diamond discs for the number of records sold.

We especially loved the interactive points where you can spin a track and watch a video recording from various periods of the Avsenik Brothers.

Groups can watch a documentary film with archive recordings. The multi-purpose museum hall has 70 seats. On the upper floor there is an exhibition of the Avsenik family history.

Right next to the museum there is also a restaurant serving delicious homemade Slovenian traditional food.

Great sirovi štruklji!

Check out their website for more information and reservations. They also rent rooms.

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