Owl You Need Is Love! And a Safe Home!

Owl You Need Is Love! And a Safe Home!

16 March, 2021

In the vicinity of Slovenia’s Lake Cerknica, 15 nesting boxes for owls have been set up. One was also placed on the walnut tree in front of the Cerknica police station.

The nesting boxes are dimensionally and safety-wise designed, so that the owl family can be comfortable in it and that they will be safe from predators.

“Police Owl” – rescued by a policeman last year. (Photo: Notranjska Regional Park on FB)

The representatives of the Society for the Observation and Study of Birds (DOPPS) are hoping that an owl, which was found by a police officer on the ground in front of the Cerknica police station last summer, will also fly into one of the boxes.

The owl is numbered and equipped with a tracking device, so it will actually be recognizable among the other owls upon their return to the area.

Welcome to Notranjska Regional Park!

Lake Cerknica is one of the largest intermittent lakes in Europe.

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