Prešeren’s Life In A NEW Cartoon Strip!

Prešeren’s Life In A NEW Cartoon Strip!

The Gorenjska Museum in Kranj is getting ready for the Slovene Cultural HolidayPrešeren Day, celebrated in Slovenia on February 8th.

Among other activities which they are preparing for this important day, the Gorenjska Museum also published a cartoon strip about Slovenia’s greatest poet France Prešeren (1800 – 1849).

A series of drawings that tell a story about the poet’s life – Prešeren spent his last years in Kranj where he is also buried –  were created by museum consultant Magda Zore and academic painter Jože Trobec.

The 52-page cartoon strip is for now available only in Slovene – it can be purchased in the shop of Prešeren’s House in Kranj (price 14,70 eur). However, the museum’s web page states they also send it by post.

From February 5 – May 18 2021 the exhibition on Prešeren’s cartoon strip will be also on view at the Prešeren’s House.


READING PREŠEREN’S POEMS IN HIS BIRTHHOUSE in Vrba: On February 8th in 1849 France Prešeren died, a poet whose name and statue you will definitely come across when visiting Slovenia. Everyone in Slovenia will tell you he was a man of a soft heart and that his life was a sad one. His unrequited love and woes to a woman named Julija, together with some career hardships made him slip into a very bohemian yet creative life-style, largely spent in gostilna (pub), but also chasing rhymes and dreams of Slovenian language one day becoming recognized as the official language of all Slovenes. So, thank you Prešeren for strongly believing in bright future for our country!

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