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3 BIG reasons why you will LOVE Ljubljana

3  BIG reasons why you will LOVE Ljubljana

Maybe we should start with saying how beautiful and charming Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is. But we believe you have already heard of its beauty. Or have already seen it with your own eyes … So, let’s upgrade this knowledge a bit!

1. In Ljubljana you will feel like home

With a population of less than 300,000 Ljubljana is far from a hectic place. Even in its center and downtown, you can easily walk around, and get a complete feel of the city. With distances that are easily walkable, historic and colorful buildings, nice little cafes and restaurants by the river you will have a very good chance to relax and simply blend in with the locals.

Ljubljana residents don’t mind tourists at all. If you are curious and talkative, you can easily start the conversation. If you prefer to have a bit of a quiet time though, you can head from the old town towards the district of Trnovo and relax under the line of trees by the Ljubljanica river.

Ljubljana Old Town is very laid back and enjoyable.
Travel blogger friend Terry Anzur enjoying orange wine in Ljubljana!

2. In Ljubljana you will be spoiled with great Food & Wine!

Slovenia is a small country, but geographicaly a very  interesting one. At the very peak of the Balkan peninsula, it is also located by the Adriatic Sea. Also, it borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary. In terms of cuisine, this means – rich and versatile! Slovenia has a lot of regional delicacies and being the capital Ljubljana offers a good slice of all of them.

In Ljubljana you can find many good restaurants, mostly concentrated in the old part and the city center. Ljubljana open market is also a very good option for a good bite, they serve everything from sea food to Slovenian stews, which we call here »na žlico« (food eaten with the spoon). In addition, if you are in Ljubljana from mid-March until October, you will be happy to find the Open Kitchen (Odprta Kuhna) market, taking place every Friday. This is a street food market with many stalls of different types of international cuisine.

Last, but not least. Slovenian wine is always on the menu. There are wine bars (Vinoteka) in the old town where you can get some quick basics of which are the main producers in the country. The best thing to do however is to go for a wine tasting in Ljubljana like our blogger friend Terry Anzur from Strangers in the Living  Room Blog did!

Read her great wine tasting story in Ljubljana here!

When it comes to green and eco-friendly, Slovenia is a paradise for green travelers. And no less so is its capital Ljubljana.

3. In Ljubljana you will feel like you are in a green paradise

When we speak with some of the »first time Ljubljana visitors«,  most of them would mention the word »green« in their praises to Ljubljana. Being the winner of European Green Capital Award 2016 Ljubljana truly stands up to its reputation. The city center itself is focused around the Ljubljanica river, which is essentially the heart and soul of the city. Most visitors are happy to hear that cars are not allowed in the central district and that a part of the city center is pedestrian-only.

Further more, Tivoli Park is a huge city park next to the city center where locals and visitors enjoy extensive walking paths, trails, a promenade, and a botanical garden. In addition, a bike-friendly mentality make the city ideal for cycling.

Tivoli Park is known for its promenade and open air photo exhibitions.

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