RECOMMENDED BY LOCALS: Brunch at Nana Bistro in Maribor

RECOMMENDED BY LOCALS: Brunch at Nana Bistro in Maribor

If we could brunch every day, we would do it in heart beat at Nana Bistro in Maribor. We enjoyed this brunch spot so much that we’d like everyone to know about it. ?

Located right on the city’s Main Square (Glavni trg), at this treasure café they know how to treat their guests with care and attention.

The best brunch in Maribor includes coffee & orange-juice & comes at 10 EUR per board.

Their brunch includes a tortilla styled delicious omelette, with ‘fresh as a new day’ ingredients – both meat and veggie options are prepared to suit your preference. On the side you can nibble on bread with different sets of flavourful spreads served in small cups. (Nana emphasizes organic products, including eggs, vegetables, meats and cheeses).

The remaining call for pleasure breaks loose in a glass of a fruit-smoothie-mousse, which will leave you loving your visit to Maribor even more!

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