RECOMMENDED BY LOCALS: Gostilna Müller in Črnomelj – Bela krajina Restaurant😋🍴🥂

When you visit Bela krajina (sited in the most southern and smallest region in Slovenia), you will be most likely visiting the town of Črnomelj. And when you’re in Črnomelj, don’t leave without dining at Gostilna Müller!

We visited in August 2020.

Our unforgettable ‘Belokranjska gibanica’ we had at Gostilna Müller in Črnomelj – very creative and just yumm!

The food there is amazing, and their ‘Belokranjska gibanica’ (local specialty dessert) is to LIVE for!

The whole site & dining experience is a pleasure trip worth taking. 

Some more photos from Gostilna Müller restaurant in Črnomelj:

Many traditional items and products (and traditional clothes) of Bela krajina are displayed around the indoor and outdoor restaurant area.

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