RECOMMENDED BY LOCALS: Tanja’s Herbal Liqueurs from Jezersko Alpine Valley

RECOMMENDED BY LOCALS: Tanja’s Herbal Liqueurs from Jezersko Alpine Valley

You won’t be leaving Zgornje Jezersko without buying few bottles to take home with you!

Zgornje Jezersko is a town in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps range, very close to the border with Austria. It is a heaven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and natural beauty.

This picturesque Alpine valley, located in the northern part of Slovenia, captivates visitors with its pristine nature, tranquil atmosphere, and an abundance of outdoor activities.

Sip, Savor, Repeat

For us, no visit to Zgornje Jezersko goes without stopping at Cvet Gora — a former post office that Tanja and her husband have turned into a bed-and-breakfast, and an eco-shop featuring homemade drinks.

Cvet Gora is camping, glamping, cosy rooms & boutique of handmade products.

Experience of a homey atmosphere and authentic energy of Cvet Gora is uplifting. At this lovely mountain retreat, you can be who you truly are. Further more, Tanja’s herbal liqueurs are the perfect companion to the whole experience.

The “blonde witch

Over the years, Tanja Rebolj earned the “blonde witch” title in the community. She knows well how to brew “magic potions,” from the Alpine flowers she picks herself from the near meadows and also her own garden in the backyard.

All the herbs, berries and roots that she uses to make her unique homemade products (teas, liqueurs, syrups, soaps etc.), are being picked in the local environment of Jezersko between 900 and 2000 metres above sea level.

In the valley of Jezersko grow more than 1200 plant species. That’s why it’s called a real paradise for picking herbs.

Not long ago, Tanja Rebolj’s story was featured on Atlas Obscura.

“Flowers will call me when they want to be picked. It’s maybe funny, maybe strange, but there were situations when I was driving to Jezersko and thought to myself, ‘Okay, I need this plant.’ And the plant would call me. There were places where I had a feeling that I must stop. And I stopped and I found the plant,” she said.

Healing powers

Tanja transforms foraged finds into healing botanical liquors which have many health benefits. From the bold warmth of traditional recipes to innovative infusions that tantalize the senses, each of her bottle is crafted with care and given a unique name.

For example, one is called Jaga Baba – Wicked Witch. It was created especially for women as it contains herbs that help to ease various female problems and have a positive impact on the health of the female reproductive system. The liqueur contains various herbs (Centaury, Mint, Balm Mint, Lady’s mantle, etc.).

Mučenik or Martyr is a liqueur for those who “suffer” the most. This wormwood liqueur is the perfect choice for those who like the bitter taste. To make this liqueur Tanja uses a special, 400 years old procedure. The liqueur is so special, because it doesn’t cause a headache, but invigorates your body and is good for digestion.

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