RIFUZL – Ljubljana’s Plastic Free Organic Shop

RIFUZL – Ljubljana’s Plastic Free Organic Shop

As the first zero waste grocery store in Slovenia, Ljubljana – Šiška based Rifuzl store offers a unique experience for visitors to buy food and drinks in bulk in their own containers.

Organic, locally produced goods

Zero Waste Stores offer all natural, sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, plastic-free alternatives to items people use in their everyday lives, at an affordable price.

At Rifuzl they mostly offer organic, locally produced goods and strive for short supply chain, so customers get the best, fresh products.

BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINER (Photo: Refuzl on Facebook )

Ljubljana recycles well

Zero waste is a concept that’s been around for a while, and it’s now a global movement. The idea is to make a home, community or even region free of disposable waste.

Dubbing itself the “First Zero-Waste City”, the Slovenian capital Ljubljana currently recycles 70% of its waste, by 2025, at least 75% of its rubbish will be recycled.

Refuzl hours: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Address: Celovška cesta 111

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