See the LATEST PHOTOS from Ljubljana!

See the LATEST PHOTOS from Ljubljana!

9 February, 2021

The weather in Slovenia is mostly cloudy with rain, and the same goes for its capital Ljubljana.

Non-essential shops re-open

The days might be wet and unsettled weather-wise, but today we woke up into a day that many of us were long waiting for – as of today the non-essential shops re-opened.

The non-essential shops are allowed to finally re-open, following the government’s recent decision to allow in-person shopping in all stores under 400 square metres.

Steady week-on-week infection decline

Although the decree took effect on Saturday, most stores have postponed the reopening until today since they had trouble providing the required testing for their staff.

Slovenia reported 304 coronavirus cases on Sunday from 3,831 tests in what is a continuation of a steady week-on-week decline and one of the lowest daily tallies since mid-October. An additional 12 Covid-19 patients died, official data show.

Non-essential shops reopened on Tuesday – Ljubljana Čopova Street
Bookstores are opened for the first time this year.
Food delivery service is frequent on Ljubljana streets.

Bars, restaurants and hospitality facilities remain closed throughout Slovenia. Movement restrictions between municipalities are also staying in place, as well as the 9pm curfew.

The mighty Ljubljana dragon keeps on encouraging its citizens!

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