Slovenia in search for the BEST ‘krofi’!

Slovenia in search for the BEST ‘krofi’!

Pust (Carnival) is approaching. While most carnival parades will be moving online this year, nothing can take away from us making and eating ‘pustni krofi’ (carnival doughnuts)!


During the Carnival season, the smell of festive delicacies spreads all over Slovenia; among them, doughnuts (krofi) have a special place.

Since there will be no much carnival dancing on the streets of Slovenia this year, the Chamber of Tourism and Hospitality Management (TGZS) has decided to give a spin to another carnival tradition – krofi.

They are inviting caterers across the country to participate in an interesting and delicious event – a competition in fact.

‘Create your own krof’

To participate, the caterers need to send their krofi for an evaluation to a special committee of three renowned food judges. Then, the BEST three will be selected.

The sponsor of the event is Slovenian Post (Pošta Slovenije), who will arrange for krofi to be picked up and delivered to the TGZS’s office. The date is February 9th.

Krofi are usually filled with raspberry, strawberry or apricot jam!

The expert commission includes Alma Rekič (recognized Master Chef of Slovenia), Cecilija Per (long-time confectionery teacher) and Tomaž Vozelj (president of the Association of Chefs and Confectioners of Slovenia).

Here is a link with more information on how to participate in the competition: Vabilo k sodelovanju na dogodku Ustvari svoj krof | I feel Slovenia

Krofi recipe

Make your KROFI at home – Slovenian Recipe of the Week: Krofi (

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